Spideroak v2.0.1

by K8CTR

Posted Sunday, February 7, 2016 7:30 PM

Gnawing at the back of my mind has been this tiny question about the portability of my SpiderOak NAS solution. In my last post, I suggested that the simplest approach to installing SpiderOakONE on an Intel based Synology was to use the SynoCommunity Debian Chroot package, and install the official headless .deb from SpiderOak within it. So, what would happen if say... I wanted to move my NAS to new hardware, could my existing SpiderOak install migrate over with just a copy & paste?

So to try and silence that annoying tiny question:
  1. I made a copy of ~/.config/SpiderOakONE (SpiderOakONE.tar), along with the exact SpiderOakOne.deb file I'd used (spideroakone_6.0.1_i386.deb) to install it
  2. downloaded both files to my desktop and removed the chroot package from my Synology (probably not a good idea)
  3. I then rebooted the NAS and re-installed the chroot
  4. re-created my DSM users in the chroot
  5. re-created all my mount points to what they were before (media/photos, media/music, media/videos, /home/*)
  6. re-installed the SpiderOak client
  7. untarred the SpiderOakOne.tar into ~/.config/SpiderOakONE
  8. re-configured openssh with X11 forwarding
  9. and remotely launched the SpiderOak client

So far, everything has seemed to work. Again, this is an unofficial project and doing anything like this with sensitive data is probably asking for trouble, I'm just sharing what I did because I like doing this kind of stuff, and it's always nice having a reference.


vi /var/packages/debian-chroot/scripts/start-stop-status
To something like this...
start_daemon ()
    grep -q "${CHROOTTARGET}/home " `realpath /var/services/homes` || mount -o bind `realpath /var/services/homes` ${CHROOTTARGET}/home
    grep -q "${CHROOTTARGET}/photo " `realpath /var/services/photo` || mount -o bind `realpath /var/services/photo` ${CHROOTTARGET}/media/photo
    grep -q "${CHROOTTARGET}/music " `realpath /var/services/music` || mount -o bind `realpath /var/services/music` ${CHROOTTARGET}/media/music
    grep -q "${CHROOTTARGET}/video " `realpath /var/services/video` || mount -o bind `realpath /var/services/video` ${CHROOTTARGET}/media/video

stop_daemon ()
    umount ${CHROOTTARGET}/home
    umount ${CHROOTTARGET}/media/photo
    umount ${CHROOTTARGET}/media/music
    umount ${CHROOTTARGET}/media/video
Within the chroot:
nano /etc/apt/sources.list # changed fr. to us.
apt-get update
apt-get install locales
dpkg-reconfigure locales
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
apt-get install curl openssh-server
adduser josh -uid XXXX --gid XXXX --home /home/josh #Synology: id -u username; id -g username
mkdir -p /media/photo
mkdir -p /media/music
mkdir -p /media/video
apt-get install libfreetype6 libxrender1 libfontconfig1
nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config
  Port 2222
  PermitRootLogin yes
  X11UseLocalhost yes
Then probably something like cron to run the batch backups during non-peak times... And from my Mac with X11 installed... Don't forget to change your root PW, or try admin instead?
ssh -p 2222 -X root@diskstation /usr/bin/SpiderOakONE
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