Spideroak v2

by K8CTR

Posted Tuesday, December 22, 2015 9:26 PM

An simpler, more straight-forward method to get the SpiderOakOne client running on an x86 based Synology, is to use the Debian Chroot package from the SynoCommunity (requires the Python package to be installed).
  • Add the SynoCommunity package source in Package Center
  • Use the examples here to do the following: 
  • Install openssh and some other packages in the chroot (also change config port to 2222)
  • Modify the chroot service script to mount local folders within the chroot to be visible to the SpiderOakOne client
  • Use ssh to tunnel the X11 SpiderOakOne client window to your desktop with X11 installed.
    ssh -p 2222 -X root@diskstation /usr/bin/SpiderOakONE
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